Here’s lesson 14: Learn Bebop jazz

Lesson 14 helps you learnĀ Bebop jazz and Blues.

We began, in lesson 12, with a basic 3-chord 12 bar, a sequence that will get you through just about any rock & roll tune and 1000’s of blues songs. Then, in lesson 13, we added a few chord changes to make for a more interesting solo.

Now, in lesson 14, I’m teaching you the changes that Bebop players like Charlie Parker and Bud Powell played in the 40’s. No longer can your rely on the blues scale, because this sequence is packed full of II-Vs that twist and turn through an array of key centres.

Learn bebop jazz

Bud Powell

If you can play a basic blues andĀ up for the challenge to learn bebop jazz, the link below will take you to the ‘buy lessons’ page. From there, scroll down till you get to lesson 14.

Best wishes from Paul at Learn Jazz Piano Online.

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