16-20 lesson pack for Jazz Piano video course

lessons for jazz piano video course

As I’ve now completed 20 video lessons of my Jazz Piano course,  I’ve packaged lessons 16-20 into a discounted 5-pack.

This is an update on the above: you can now subscribe to  my complete jazz piano course.

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You can also start at lesson 11 by subscribing to the intermediate course.

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Lesson 16

  • Soloing over diminshed chords
  • Using diminished scales over dominant 7ths
  • Mastering tritone substitution
jazz piano video course
B diminished scale

Lesson 17

  • Now put your knowledge to work!
  • Combine learned techniques to play a jazz standard.
  • Rootless voicings + tritone substitution
  • Altered and diminished scales
jazz piano video course
3 scales

Lesson 18

  • Analysis of ‘All The Things You Are.’
  • How tunes are structured.
  • Identifying key centres
  • Connecting melody and chords
  • How to learn tunes
jazz piano video course
All the things you are

Lesson 19

  • Chord substitution
  • How to reharmonise a tune
  • All The Thing You Are: advanced
  • Take The A Train reharmonised
jazz piano video course
All the things you are with tritone subs

Lesson 20

  • Next to a 12-bar blues, Rhythm Changes
    is the most important chord sequence in jazz.
    Master all its forms in this vital video lesson.
how to play rhythm changes
The A section of Rhythm Changes

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