New 5-pack deal: jazz piano lessons 11-15

 Jazz piano lessons with Paul Abrahams

New 5-pack deal now available

Lessons 11-15 with over 10% discount

As I’ve now completed 15 jazz piano lessons, I’ve bundled these 5 lessons:
11: Autumn Leaves part 2
12: The Blues, part 1
13: The Blues, part 2
14: Bebop Blues
15: Rootless voicing

This pack contains over two and a half hours of video, 22 backing tracks + lots of 
downloadable sheet music.
Packs 1-5 and 6-10 are also still available here.
You can still purchase the lessons individually. The most recent, lesson 15
takes you through rootless voicing.

The video shows you how to voice rootless chords in your left hand. This is a more modern approach that Bill Evans used when playing in his trio. It not only leaves more room for the bass player; these voicings will also inspire your right hand to play far more interesting solos.

Here are some rootless voicings in a II-V-I sequence in Bb.

jazz piano lessons

Rootless voicings

Besides the 30 minute video, I provide you with 4 downloadable backing tracks, sheet music and a quiz. Here’s the link.

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