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Online Jazz Piano Lessons

Each online jazz piano lesson contains a 30 minute video, backing tracks, sheet music and a quiz plus an extract from my eBook Learn Jazz Piano
My jazz piano lessons are easy to follow and fully integrated. But this is no ordinary jazz piano lesson. With Jazz Piano Lessons Online you are freed from just reading the notes in front of you. By watching and playing along you will soon be creating your own jazz solos. You will move with ease through the levels to suit your development.
Jazz piano lessons 1 - 5 will take you through jazz basics. By jazz piano lesson 10 you will have an understanding of the II - V - I sequence and the concept of extentions.
By the time you reach lesson 15 you'll be playing the blues and jazz standards. From lesson 16 onwards Learn Jazz Piano Online takes you into more advanced concepts such as tritone substitution and reharmonizing a chord sequence. Then, from video 20 onwards, each jazz piano lesson looks into the art of playing solos in more depth.

Lesson 1 - From Scales to Chords

  • Soloing over the Pentatonic scale
  • Mastering intervals
  • The V - I concept
  • One formula to construct all major scales
  • 7 chords, one family


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Lesson 2 - Building a chord sequence

  • Chord sequences
  • The relative minor and its scales
  • The family row of minor triads
  • Soloing in a minor key

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Lesson 3 - Mastering Every Key

  • The circle of 5ths
  • How to play in any key
  • Preview of the II-V-I sequence
  • Introduction to the turnaround

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Lesson 4 - Swing Time

  • Learning to swing
  • The construction of 7th chords
  • How to interpret chord symbols
  • Shells - how not to upset the bass player

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Lesson 5 - Walking 3s

  • Turnarounds part 2: I - VI - II -V
  • Walking 3s and 7s: the seeds of vertical improvisation.
  • How to use passing notes.
  • Voice leading


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Lesson 6 - Extensions

  • Extensions: how to use 9ths, 11ths and 13th.
  • Know which extensions work with which chord.
  • Voicing a chord using extensions.
  • Introduction to Modes.

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Lesson 7 - The II - V - I sequence

  • Master the II - V - I sequence in all keys
  • Seven soloing techniques over II - V - I
  • Alterations: know your sharp 11 from your flat 13
  •  Flat 9s and the diminished chord

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Lesson 8 - How to comp

  • Comp like a pro
  • Find the best chord voicings
  • Use the right extensions 
  • Build up to a five-note comp 
  • Explore rhythmic variations

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Lesson 9 - Modes

  • Know your Mixodydian from your Dorian
  • Grasp the connection between modes and chords
  • The art of modal soloing and comping
  • How to play 'So What'

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Lesson 10 - Autumn Leaves part 1

  • Playing your first standard
  • Learning the melody
  • The comp
  • The shells
  • The solo

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Lesson 11 - Autumn Leaves part 2

  • Taking Autumn Leaves to the next level
  • How to fill out the melody
  • Comping with alterations
  • Soloing with vertical improvisation

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Lesson 12 - The Blues, part 1

Play with confidence over the blues.

  • How to solo creatively
  • The minor blues
  • Blues in 12/8

 Plus lots of tips, tricks and licks!

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Lesson 13 - The Blues, part 2

  • Taking the blues beyond the basics.
  • Chord changes that turn blues into jazz.
  • Lydian dominant & diminished scales.
  • Rootess left-hand voicings.

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Lesson 14 - Bebop Blues

  • Left hand 4-note rootless voicings
  • Constructing the Bebop sequence.
  • How to solo over a Bebop blues
  • Comping over a Bebop blues


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Lesson 15 - Rootless Voicing

  • Constructing left hand rootless voicings.
  • Applying  rootless voicings to II-V-I and turnarounds.
  • Adding the alterations: b9, b13 etc.

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Lesson 16 - Tritone Substitution

  • Diminished theory
  • Soloing over diminshed chords
  • Using diminished scales over dominant 7ths 
  • Mastering tritone substitution


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Lesson 17 - Putting it together

  • Now put your knowledge to work!
  • Combine learned techniques to play a jazz standard.
  • Rootless voicings + tritone substitution
  • Altered and diminished scales 

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Lesson 18 - Decoding a standard

  • Analysis of 'All The Things You Are.'
  • How tunes are structured.
  • Identifying key centres 
  • Connecting melody and chords
  • How to learn tunes


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Lesson 19 - Reharmonising a standard

  • Chord substitution
  • How to reharmonise a tune
  • All The Thing You Are: advanced
  • Take The A Train reharmonised 

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Lesson 20 - Rhythm Changes

  • Next to a 12-bar blues, Rhythm Changes
    is the most important chord sequence in jazz. 
  • Master all its forms in this vital video lesson. 

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Lesson 21 - How to solo, part 1: connecting hands

Two-handed techniques for great solos:

  • Stride
  • Walking bass lines
  • Shearing block chords
  • Drop 2 & left hand voicings

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Lesson 22 - Chords and their scales.

Using the right scales for a great solo.

  • Major: Using the Lydian
  • Minor: Dorian or Aeolian?
  • 7ths : Altered, Lydian Dominant etc
  • Half diminished: Locrian or Locrian 2?

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Lesson 23 - Putting scales to work.

Putting scales to work. This lesson guides you through many soloing options.

  • Bebop scales
  • Passing notes
  • How to encircle notes

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Lesson 24 - Finding the sweet notes

Learn how songwriters use sweet notes, then incorporate them into your solos, using these jazz standards:

  • Beautiful Love
  • Blue In Green
  • Stella By Starlight

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Lesson 25 - Taking notes for a walk

We now join up the sweet notes, taking the appropriate path.
The jazz standards studied are:

  • Yesterdays
  • When Sunny Gets Blue

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Lesson 26 - Playing the charts

It's time to meet your public!

  • Learn how to speed-scan a leadsheet.
  • Spotting the tricky sections for a smooth ride.


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Lesson 27 - Too much information

Learn new techniques to sharpen your solos and advanced concepts of the turnaround, using these tunes:

  • How High The Moon
  • Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
  • I can't get started

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Lesson 28 - The checklist

Your checklist:

  • I'll be guiding you through an essential
    12-point checklist. 
  • Apply these 12 essential ingredients
    and your playing will reach a new level.

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Lesson 29 - Creative jazz practice

  • Jazz scales and broken chords
  • II-V-I and turnaround drills
  • Practicing tunes
  • Choosing a keyboard


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Lesson 30 - Recap: lessons 1 - 14

Recap from lesson 1 - 14

This video runs for over an hour, more than twice the length of previous lessons!

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Lesson 31 - Recap: lessons 15 - 29

Recap: lessons 15 - 29

This second summary also runs for over an hour, more than twice the length of previous lessons!

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 Although there is no substitute for a real, live jazz piano teacher working alongside you, many people don't have that luxury, so my aim is to be your online jazz teacher. In fact, many of my personal students use my online jazz video course as a resource and backup.

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