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The blues is inseparable from jazz and most jazz improvisers incorporate blues into their playing.

Here’s lesson 14: Learn Bebop jazz

Here's lesson 14: Learn Bebop jazz

Lesson 14 helps you learn Bebop jazz and Blues.

We began, in lesson 12, with a basic 3-chord 12 bar, a sequence that will get you through just about any rock & roll tune and 1000’s of blues songs. Then, in lesson 13, we added a few chord changes to make for a more interesting solo.

Now, in lesson 14, I’m teaching you the changes that Bebop players like Charlie Parker and Bud Powell played in the 40’s. No longer can your rely on the blues scale, because this sequence is packed full of II-Vs that twist and turn through an array of key centres.

Learn bebop jazz
Bud Powell

If you can play a basic blues and up for the challenge to learn bebop jazz, the link below will take you to the ‘buy lessons’ page. From there, scroll down till you get to lesson 14.


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Lesson 14: Learn Bebop blues

Lesson 14: Learn Bebop blues

I’ve now begun work on lesson 14:  learn bebop blues.

This chord sequence is a long way from the basic three chords that are commonly used. Bebop blues still contains 12 bars and hits the IV chord at bar 5. But there are big differences. For a start, chord 1 is now a major 7th rather than a dominant 7th. This means that you can no longer rely on the blues scale. We then encounter a series of descending II-V patterns.

learn bebop blues
bebop blues sequence
A good place to start acclimatising yourself to the sound of bebop blues is Charlie Parker’s Blues For Alice. Learn bebop blues to sound like a real jazz musician.
Learn bebop blues
Charlie Parker
I realise that it takes me quite a while to produce each lesson but it’s the only way I can ensure a high quality.
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Lesson 12: Learning blues piano

Lesson 12: Learning blues piano

Are you ready to start learning blues piano?

You can now purchase lesson 12 of my online course ‘Learn Jazz Piano online.’ This lesson is all about the blues. When learning blues piano I’ll teach you how to solo, using many creative techniques. I have also included the minor blues. The blues isn’t always in 4/4 time. In fact 12/8 is very common so we also take a close look at this. As always, I’ve provided you with backing tracks, sheet music and a quiz. http://www.learnjazzpianoonline.com/lessons.html

Here’s an excerpt from my eBook about the blues:

The Blues  runs in the face of logic and yet has infiltrated rock, gospel, soul… and, of course, jazz. Although the blues influence is stronger in some jazz players than others, it cannot be considered as a separate entity. If a potential student contacts me requesting to learn just jazz or blues I have to insist that jazz and blues come in the same package or not at all.

The form (structure) breaks all the rules. Most song forms last 32 bars and subdivide into groups of 8. However, a blues sequence usually runs to 12 bars.

(There are other lengths, such as the 8-bar blues but here we will be focusing on 12.)

The chord structure also abides by its own rules. In most western music, V leads to I. The 5th note and chord of the diatonic scale is known as the dominant and its function is to pull towards the I, known as the tonic. If you see a G7,the likelihood is that this dominant 7 chord will resolve up a perfect 4th to a C major or minor chord. In the blues, dominant 7 chords just lead to more dominant 7s. I wonder what Bach would have made of this odd beast.

Here, below, is a basic 12-bar blues sequence in F.

Learning blues piano
Blues in F