Learn To Play Jazz Piano Online

You're now about to learn jazz piano online with Paul Abrahams. This is an integrated and logical system that will guide you through all you need to know about the theory and practice of jazz piano playing. There is no simpler method to learn jazz piano online.

If you've tried to learn to play piano online before, it's now time to stop relying on just reading music and start making up your own!  Get ready to use your creativity by improvising on jazz and blues tunes.

With over 10 hours of video tuition, 80 customised backing tracks & sheet music, together with my four accompanying Learn Jazz Piano eBooks, you’ll soon be improvising your way through anything from jazz standards to a Bebop 12-bar blues.

My easy to follow jazz piano online had great success as an audio podcast, receiving over 100 5-star reviews on iTunes. With this new, interactive version, all you need is a keyboard and your creativity to take your jazz piano playing to a new level. Now take the next step to learn jazz piano online with Paul Abrahams.

The videos

My learn jazz piano video lessons are much more than anything you’ll find on YouTube. As you watch, sheet music and text pop up below the video to illustrate each point I’m making. You’ll also be following a close-up of my hands on the keyboard as I play and explain every idea. Each video lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Learning jazz piano online was never easier!

The backing tracks

Each downloadable learn jazz piano backing track is tailored for the specific lesson. I have carefully chosen keys and tempi to suit the level you’ve reached. As your jazz playing becomes more advanced, speeds increase, and trickier keys are introduced. In the same way, early lessons include a guide piano track with the rhythm track, but this will become unnecessary as you progress. Each lesson contains four backing tracks. I have also provided downloadable sheet music to accompany these tracks. Other sheet music contains exercises and essential chord charts.

The eBooks

My four Learn Jazz Piano eBooks are your essential companion to the online video lessons as they illustrate every topic in greater detail.

 Book 1 is entry level and takes you through the basic jazz scales, chords and modes. I’ll also introduce you to the II – V – I sequence, the circle of 5ths, turnarounds, extensions and the blues. Book 1 ends with a guide to playing your first jazz standard.

 Book 2 is intermediate and examines rootless voicings, tritone substitution, diminished theory, block chords and upper structures. There is also an introduction to learning stride piano.

 Book 3 is advanced, explaining how to tackle chord charts and complex jazz standards. There are also chapters about playing with other jazz musicians and working with singers. Finally I help you build a jazz piano repertoire and recommend CDs etc.

Book 4 is called How To Solo and will take your jazz soloing to a whole new level.

You now have a fully integrated method to studying jazz piano online.

Paul Abrahams - Learn Jazz Piano

Each Jazz Piano lesson comes in the form of an in-depth video to watch online. Your lesson package also contains backing tracks, sheet music and quizzes.

I have now completed four play jazz piano eBooks
to help your journey to the heart of
learning jazz piano.
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