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  • What can I download from each lesson I buy?

    You can download backing tracks, sheet music and an extract from my eBook.

    • backing tracks. There are usually 4 backing tracks that are related to the video lesson.
    • sheet music. This is usually either lead sheets of the backing tracks or information from the lesson.
    • an extract from one of my ebooks that relates to this lesson (also available to view online with videos/audio)

    The actual video lesson is to be watched online and is not downloadable. This is because the lesson is much more than just a video. As the online video progresses, music and text will pop up to illustrate and augment my teaching. This invaluable benefit would be lost if I was just offering you a video to be downloaded.

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  • My main instrument isn’t piano. Will these lessons help me?

    Definitely. Most of the concepts are applicable to any pitched instrument.
    Whatever your instrument, an understanding of key centres, jazz harmony etc will provide you with a far greater insight.


  • What standard do I need to be?

    This course is not aimed at total beginners. You should at least know your way round a couple of scales and be able to read a little music. Many of my illustrations are written in the treble clef.

  • Might the initial lessons be a little basic for me?

    I strongly advise you to work from the beginning. My jazz piano lessons are systematic and evolve in a logical way. The early stages are deceptively simple but move imperceptibly into deeper water. I also know of many teachers that have used my system of learning jazz piano with great success.

  • What is an eBook? What will I get?

    My series of four Learn Jazz Piano eBooks are PDF files, in other words you download the file.  When you subscribe to the course these eBooks are free. However, if you haven’t subscribed they can be purchased separately.

    Once you are subscribed you can also access extracts from the eBooks.

    To access your eBook  you will be shown a link to download the file. You can then open this on your computer, or any other device that can read PDF files. You won’t receive a paper copy. You can always access the file in the future by logging in to this website with your details.

  • What do my 4 ebooks contain?

    Book 1 takes you through the blues, turnarounds, the II-V-I sequence, modal jazz, extensions, soloing, comping and approaches to a jazz standard.

    Book 2 deals with rootless voicings, tritone substitution, Rhythm Changes, diminished theory, block chords and a more advanced approach to blues.

    Book 3 is a detailed guide that takes you through how to play jazz standards. It also contains a list of recommended listening and suggested repertoire.

    Book 4 is called ‘How To Solo’ and will take your jazz piano solos to a more professional level.

  • Do you give private jazz piano lessons?

    I’m kept pretty busy by my regular students but if you happen to be in or near London, UK, please contact me for further information.

  • Is there a forum?

    There was a forum but I’ve now replaced it with a blog, where you join the conversation and read many of my articles about learning jazz piano.


  • Will this online video course work on my browser/computer/iPad?

    This website and lesson content should work in any current browser including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and on mobile devices running iOS 13+ and Android 10+.

    You should be aware that the lesson content is “media-rich” so the videos will need a fast internet connection to play properly. I wouldn’t suggest using a dial-up modem from a tent in the Sahara.