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Easy steps to learn jazz piano episode 3

Here is episode 3 of easy steps to learn jazz piano. In episode 1 our first step was to find the notes V that lead to I, dominant leading to tonic, tension to release. This interval, up a perfect 4th or down a perfect 5th is the backbone of most Western music. The graphic below… Read more »

The second easy step to learn jazz piano

The second easy step to learn jazz piano is turning the notes into chords. We began with 2 notes, the V leading to the 1. Our second step is to turn these 2 notes into chords. Here is a short video to explain this second easy step to learn jazz piano. Our first chord will… Read more »

Jazz Basics, part 2

More about the most important chord in jazz: the dominant 7. When discussing jazz basics there is nothing more basic than your understanding of the dominant 7 chord and its functions. Let’s begin by taking a look at the row of the seven 7th chords constructed over one major scale. Here is an example of… Read more »

Learning jazz basics

Learning jazz basics part 1. The dominant 7 chord and its uses.