Lesson 14: Learn Bebop blues

I’ve now begun work on lesson 14: ┬álearn bebop blues.

This chord sequence is a long way from the basic three chords that are commonly used. Bebop blues still contains 12 bars and hits the IV chord at bar 5. But there are big differences. For a start, chord 1 is now a major 7th rather than a dominant 7th. This means that you can no longer rely on the blues scale. We then encounter a series of descending II-V patterns.

learn bebop blues

bebop blues sequence

A good place to start acclimatising yourself to the sound of bebop blues is Charlie Parker’s Blues For Alice. Learn bebop blues to sound like a real jazz musician.
Learn bebop blues

Charlie Parker

I realise that it takes me quite a while to produce each lesson but it’s the only way I can ensure a high quality.
Best wishes to you all

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