Learn Bebop scales part 2

Here is  Learn Bebop scales part 2. This is an extract from my forthcoming book ‘How To Solo.’. It will be the 4th in the series of my eBooks Learn Jazz Piano.

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Learn Bebop scales part 2

In my previous blog I illustrated the Bebop Dominant scale in C. Take another look before continuing.

Fig 45

learn bebop scales

Bebop Dominant scale of C

Bebop Dorian scale

The Dorian mode is usually associated with minor 7 chords.

To transform the Dorian mode into the bebop Dorian scale, we insert our chromatic passing note between steps 3 and 4.

For reasons that will soon become apparent, I’m illustrating this scale in G.

Fig 46

learn jazz piano dorian bebop scale

Dorian bebop scale

Now compare the C bebop dominant scale: fig 45 (see above) with the G bebop dorian scale (fig 46) and you will notice that these two bebop scales share the same passing note.

Their respective chords are Gmin7 and C7: II – V.

We can therefore employ the same notes to play any II – V phrase.

Fig 47

learn jazz piano bebop scales

II-V sequence

Bebop melodic minor scale

By adding one extra note to a scale, more bebop scales can be created.

Add a note between 5 and 6 of the melodic minor to create the bebop melodic minor.

Fig 48

learn jazz piano bebop scales

Bebop melodic minor scale

Bebop half diminished scale

In order to create a bebop scale to fit a half diminished chord (min7(5)), use the minor bebop scale 3 half steps up from that chord.

Fig 49

Bebop scales part 2

bebop half diminished scale

There is much debate as to which note to add when playing these scales. There’s something to be said for the argument that if a minor7 chord is functioning as a II, then adding a note between 7 and 8 (rather than 3 and 4) results in more chord tones occurring on downbeats.

Fig 50

learn Bebop scales

minor chord options

If you wish to look further into this subject I would recommend David Baker’s How To Play Bebop.

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You can find part 1 of ‘Learn Bebop scales’ below.

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