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The sequence known as the 12 bar blues has only three chords in its basic form but can become quite complex when played by the bebop musicians of the 40’s and 50’s. The sequence can now contain rows of II-V chord sequences. The 12 bar blues is usually in 4/4 (common time) but can also be in other time signatures such as 3/4 and 12/8.

Teaching the blues is all a part of jazz!

A moment after writing the title of this article, up popped an image of John Lee Hooker smiling and shaking his head. “Nobody can teach you the blues. Blues is a feeling, something you have to live.” I tried explaining that I’m a jazz piano teacher and that teaching the blues is part of my job… Read more »

Lesson 12: Learning blues piano

Are you ready to start learning blues piano? Lesson 12 of my online course ‘Learn Jazz Piano online.’ This lesson is all about the blues. When learning blues piano I’ll teach you how to solo, using many creative techniques. I have also included the minor blues. The blues isn’t always in 4/4 time. In fact 12/8… Read more »