Lesson 13: Learn blues piano, part 2

My online video course Learn Jazz Piano is now available. It’s time to learn blues piano in the way a jazz musician plays.

Learn blues piano, part 2 takes you beyond the basics.

No longer will you be playing just 3 chords over the blues scale.

  • Use advanced chord changes that turn blues into jazz.
  • Play rootless chords with your left hand.
  • Incorporate the diminished and Lydian dominant scales into your playing.
  • The 30 minute online video comes with downloadable backing tracks and sheet music.
  • Learn blues piano online now.

Here’s an illustration of how the 12 bar sequence looks after adding some II – V’s

If you really want to master the art of playing the blues you should take it beyond the basic 3 chords.

learn blues piano
12 bar with II-V sequences

 My eBook Learn Jazz Piano part 2 is also now available.

learn blues piano
jazz piano eBook 2

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