Learn Jazz Piano by Listening

Learn Jazz Piano by Listening – part 2

Yes, you can learn jazz piano by listening, even if you don’t fully understand what is being played. This is part 2 of my list of essential recordings that I think you should be listening to. You can find the complete list in chapter 10 of  Learn Jazz Piano book 3.

Alongside playing and studying, listening to the masters of improvisation will improve your playing without you even knowing that it’s happening. Of course you can study the solos and even transcribe them.  There are apps for slowing the tracks down and changing the key like Tempo SloMo and Transcribe. But nothing replaces just listening to the music without trying to analyse it. I guarantee that it will sink in subconsciously and become a backbone of your own developing style.

In part one we looked at the recordings of Louis Armstrong, Lester Young, Charlie Parker,  Bud Powell, Coleman  Hawkins and Duke Ellington. I pointed out that it is important that you listen to other soloists besides pianists. Also, by listening to a recording of, say, Lester Young, you will also be hearing the great piano playing of Teddy Wilson.

In part 2 of my list we are now in the 50’s and 60’s.

Artist: Hampton Hawes

Instrument: Piano

Title: The Hampton Hawes trio

Date: 1955


Artist: Sonny Rollins

Instrument: tenor sax

Title: Tenor Madness

Date: 1956

Piano: Red Garland.


Artist: John Coltrane

Instrument: sax

Title: Blue Trane

Date: 1957

Piano: Kenny Drew


Artist: John Coltrane

Instrument: sax

Title: Crescent

Date: 1964

Piano: McCoy Tyner


Artist: Art Pepper

Instrument: alto sax

Title: Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section

Date: 1957

Piano: Red Garland


Artist: Cannonball Adderley

Instrument: alto sax

Title: Somethin’ Else

Date: 1958

Piano: Hank Jones


Artist: Miles Davis

Instrument: trumpet

Title: Kind Of Blue

Date: 1959

Piano: Bill Evans


Artist: Bill Evans

Instrument: piano

Title: Portrait In Jazz

Date: 1959

We have now reached Bill Evans, perhaps the father of modern jazz piano.

Bill Evans!

Learn Jazz Piano

Bill Evans

So yes, you really can learn jazz piano by listening.

Here’s the link to  my learn jazz piano video course

To be continued…

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